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Yahoo! Finance publishes my eBay article

Take a look at my article, Can you still make money on eBay? which was featured on Yahoo! Finance in July.

Article looking at eBay scams on Lovemoney.com

Watch out for this eBay scam with my latest article just published on www.lovemoney.com

New Lovemoney articles now online

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OFT cracks down on debt management sharks, Can you still make money on eBay? & The worlds most expensive hotel rooms.

Lovemoney eBay article now on Yahoo!

My eBay article, originally written for Lovemoney.com, has also been pubished on Yahoo Finance!

Eight top tips for using eBay on Yahoo!

Current Affairs & Journalism

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Consumer Issues

 Go to the Consumer Issues page to see a new article published on the prime50plus website.

The article is about shopping on eBay, how to protect yourself, and how to get the most out of it.