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Bitcoin: the world’s fastest growing currency




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Bitcoin: the world’s fastest growing currency that you have never heard of 

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My latest articles on look at child maintenance and claiming compensation for pothole damage to your vehicle.

Child Maintenance Service: the government’s new child support scheme

Claim compensation for damage to your car, bike or motorcycle

Freelance Advisor article

Read my recent article published on the website Freelance Advisor:

The Pros and Cons of Freelance Job Sites.

Article on Lovemoney to help you save on your school uniform

If  you are already thinking about next term then read my article to find the cheapest school uniforms on offer:

How to save money on next year’s school uniform

Guides for the Money Advice Service

I have recently written a number of guides on the topic of pensions for the Money Advice Service.The website offers free, unbiased advice on money matters of all kinds.


Freelance Parents Network on BBC Radio Kent

My new website, has just been featured on BBC Radio Kent! I was interviewed, alongside my marketing ‘guru’ Emma Turner, on the morning show with Matt Cole. Listen below on the iPlayer for a limited time. Interview starts 1 hour 7 minutes into the programme.

BBC Radio Kent iPlayer

Cut your costs at the hairdressers

Find out how to save money at expensive salons with my latest article for Lovemoney.

How to cut the cost of your haircut