Rosalind KentMy name is Rosalind Kent. I am a freelance writer who has been published in newspapers and magazines. This blog will showcase my published work, and give an opportunity for anyone who is interested in commissioning an article, copywriting service or proofreading job to contact me.

Having worked in a broad range of backgrounds – including private law firms, Trading Standards, the Office of Fair Trading and the Citizens’ Advice Bureau – I write articles on a wide variety of subjects. These include consumer rights, welfare rights, carers’ rights. debt and personal finance. I have spent the last four years working as a Carers’ Support Adviser for a local carers’ charity (under the Carers Trust) and am currently offering articles on carers’ rights and the support on offer from both the local council, the NHS and charitable organisations.

I am a Consumer Advice expert and provide articles on a wide range of legal and consumer information matters for companies like Yahoo! Finance and Lovemoney. All of my published work is displayed on this blog. I have also appeared on BBC Breakfast television and BBC Radio discussing consumer and welfare rights. If your publication could benefit from well-written articles on important matters that effect everyone, then please get in touch!

I also write fiction and have had short stories published in literary magazines. See the Creative Writing Page for more information.

In addition, I provide copywriting and proofreading services for businesses, novelists, and students. I most recently provided a number of narrator’s scripts for a company’s promotional DVD, proofread and edited a successful novel, and joined the proofreading team for a literary magazine.  I also provide proofreading and editing services for Middle-East Online, a current affairs and cultural website aimed at the Arabic world, whereby I edit articles written by Arabic speakers and ensure they read fluently and are linguistically and grammatically perfect.

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